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Watch 40 Years Of Onboards Through The Awesome Parabolica Curve

Remember the video compilation of onboard videos from Eau Rouge through the years? Well here’s another one, this time for the Parabolica at Monza, and it goes back even further!

The challenge of taking such a long, fast corner well with a low downforce set up is one of the things that made the Parabolica such a legendary corner. The need to get as close to the edge of the track as possible to maintain speed down the long pit straight is critical to lap time, but get it wrong and chances are you’d end up in the gravel and your session would be over.

What’s interesting to see is not just the increase in speed and grip of F1 cars over the years, but also the confidence the drivers have to get closer and closer to the white line on the edge of the track. Although in this particular video Eddie Cheever seems to be the most ballsy!

The Parabolica barely changes at all in the 40 years this video spans, which makes it all the more disappointing that this year the gravel trap has been mostly paved over in the interest of safety. What used to be one of the biggest risk-reward corners of the entire season is now just another bit of track with an easy get out of jail free card. Pity.

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