Pascal Wehrlein is undergoing medical examinations and could be forced to sit-out some of the pre-season test sessions.

The newly-signed Sauber driver took part in the Race of Champions in January and had a massive accident, rolling his car into the barriers.

Wehrlein's Race of Champions crash looked scary but at the time he seemed ok
Wehrlein’s Race of Champions crash looked scary but at the time he seemed ok

Although he had to sit out the following days Nations Cup event (not that it hurt Team Germany’s chances) he seemed more or less ok at the time. Since then however reports have emerged that he actually suffered a neck injury in the crash. If true it could effect his ability to take part in pre-season testing, which gets underway on the 27th of February.

Sauber were quick to dismiss the reports, but did admit he was having medical tests.

“Current rumours about Pascal Wehrlein in the media: The medical examinations are still ongoing. Therefore, the reports are pure speculations. We will provide information in due time” the team said.

So, Pascal Wehrlein may or may not have an injury which may or may not affect his testing programme. This means that Wehrlein may or may not get the preparation he needs to beat his new team mate, Marcus Ericsson, who in turn may or may not crash into a chicken again.