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People Can’t Agree On Whether Monaco Should Be Dropped From The Calendar

Despite the fact that Daniel Ricciardo put in a stonking pole lap and followed it up with a seriously impressive drive with a broken car, much of the chatter in the days since has been whether Monaco should still have a place on the F1 calendar.

So, is it a glorious one-off event with flaws we should accept in the name of the history and spectacle of cars going at ridiculous speeds around such a narrow circuit? Or has the sport evolved so far beyond the race that it’s time for Monaco to finally be dropped (or at the very least altered) from the calendar? Fans, drivers, and pundits alike have been sharing their thoughts on Twitter – here are a selection of viewpoints.

Personally, I hate the Monaco GP. Once the awe has worn off from the seeing the cars fly through the Swimming Pool section (usually sometime during the first practice session) the realisation quickly dawns that modern F1 has outgrown the event and that unless something bonkers happens, it’s not going to be a good race.

I’m sure it’s a completely different experience being there, but watching it at home leaves me completely cold, a matter not helped by the fact that a few hours later comes the Indy 500, a race which I always find utterly enthralling.

But that said, I would hate to see Monaco dropped from the calendar. So what if the races are regularly boring? Other circuits, from Spa to Sochi, Monza to Montreal, and Silverstone to Singapore have all churned out their fair share of borefests. That’s the nature of F1.

In fact, as far as this year’s race went, I actually thought it was about as good as you can reasonably expect a Monaco GP to be without a ton of safety cars, collisions, or rain. There was tyre uncertainty, different strategies and – courtesy of Max Verstappen’s Saturday mishap – a reasonable amount of overtaking. I don’t even care that drivers were lapping several seconds off the pace they could have been doing, because to the naked eye, I certainly couldn’t tell.

But whilst Monaco shouldn’t be dropped, I think it should be changed – whether that’s in terms of layout, or whether the race should have some special rules to really help what is supposed to be ‘the jewel in the crown’ of F1 stand out even more.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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