There’s no shortage of Senna S corners in Formula One but now a turn is to be named after Nigel ‘Our Nige’ Mansell. No it’s not because it’s shaped like a moustache but instead a turn where Mansell pulled off one of the most stunning and high-speed overtakes in F1 history.

Sadly the ‘Peraltada’ turn, as it was then in 1990, is no more but the new configuration of the corner is to be named the Nigel Mansell Turn.

“I have extremely fond memories of racing in Mexico City, the people, the energy and the track itself were all highlights of the F1 calendar back then for me,” said Mansell.

“When I found out about the turn naming of course I was delighted. Flattered, proud and delighted in equal measure.”

amansell_666x450_637677aWell done, Nige. Well done.