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Perez Doesn’t Want Anymore Team Orders At Force India

There’s no denying that Force India are one of the most impressive teams in F1. The Pink Panthers have secured fourth in the championship now and unbelievably they’d still be fourth in the standings if they were only running Sergio Perez or Esteban Ocon.

But despite an impressive points tally, many still remember the collisions between the two of them, at Baku and then again in the Belgian Grand Prix. The latter forced Force India to stop its drivers from racing each other but now fourth has been secured, Perez thinks it’s time they let them race again.

“They have told us that they have let us race once we secure the fourth place.” Perez told I think it is important for Esteban and myself to show good trust, and that we can do good races between us.”

It’s perhaps no surprise Perez wants the team to ditch team orders, having been stuck behind Ocon a few races ago at the Japanese Grand Prix and calling over team radio for the team to let him overtake.

Perhaps though if the Mexican had let his teammate by back in Canada like his team asked, they might not be in such a tricky situation?

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