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Perez Finds Out What Happens When You Mess Up F1’s Narrowest Corner

One of the most interesting features of the Baku City Circuit is the incredibly narrow uphill section of turns eight, nine and ten. It’s one of those section of track that crop up occasionsally (like the old ‘Singapore Sling’ chicane in Singapore) where it’s incredibly easy for drivers to have a massive accident if they get it even slightly wrong.

Unfortunately for Sergio Perez, he became the first driver this year to fall foul of the corner after taking just a bit too much kerb in FP1.

That’s a bit of a mess! It’s early days but Force India are looking quick at Baku again this year and the time lost from Perez’s crash won’t help.

Last year Perez crashed in practice as well and had to change his gearbox, dropping him down from second on the grid to seventh, but he recovered to finish an impressive third in the race. According to Force India he’s running a ‘Friday gearbox’ today so he won’t get a penalty this year if he needs to change it. Unless he has another crash later on that is…

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