With a new challenge ahead him at Red Bull, Sergio Perez have revealed his new racing helmet and it’s a stunner. Embracing the Red Bull and Honda logos across the lid, the neon yellow colour used so much in his younger F1 career is back and with a bang!

I was looking forward to this moment so much since I signed for Red Bull,” Checo said when giving us a quick guide on the helmet design. “Obviously, the helmet is something very special for the driver.”

“I really hope you like it. As you know, yellow has always been my colour but in the past I had to wear pink, so now I am pleased to finally go back to a yellow helmet.”

“There is a flag on top which is very nice, you can see it while I’m driving on the onboard and I always put the flag on top.

“Another special touch is I put ‘never give up’ on the back. Every time I put the helmet on, I can see it and it’s just a reminder to not give up at all.”

The design looks awesome, and it appears Sergio is in love too. He even explained how he got a lot of help from his brother on the design too.

“This is my favourite helmet in my career. This one to me is very special.”

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