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Perez Says Verstappen Ignoring Team Orders ‘Shows Who He Really Is’

Team orders. They are a bit like Marmite. As a fan, you either love them or hate them. But on the final lap of the Sao Paulo Grand Prix, we found out that Max Verstappen isn’t the biggest fan of them either, even when his teammate is in a Championship fight for second. Awkward.

On Lap 67, Max Verstappen, who was cruising behind his teammate on fresher tyres, was asked to go around him to chase down Alonso and Leclerc and take some points away from them. Understandable, right?

Unfortunately for Max, he could not hunt them down and, with Checo still behind him, he was asked to switch positions back, especially since Perez is currently in a fight for 2nd in the championship.

But that didn’t quite suit Max. Despite already winning the World Championship this year, he responded to his engineer, saying, “I have already said before not to ask me that. Are we clear about that?” Ouch.

He continues, “I have given my reasons, and I stand by it.”

After realising that Perez was not getting the place back, he was met with apologies from Christian Horner and told that it would be discussed in the debrief after the race. Frustrated, Sergio says, “Yeah, this shows who he really is.” 😳

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the Red Bull motorhome?

Fans took to Twitter to express their dismay, stating that although Perez is the ‘number two driver’, he has done a lot to help Verstappen over the past two seasons. Most famously, fighting and defending Lewis to give Max a decent enough gap in Abu Dhabi last year.

And it seems as though Perez agrees.

He says, “I’ve done a lot for him in the past, there’s no secret about it.”

He continues, “Obviously, I’m disappointed, especially after all I have done. But I’m sure we are all grown-ups, and we will move forward as a team.”

Should Max have switched positions with Perez to help his championship standings?

20 thoughts on “Perez Says Verstappen Ignoring Team Orders ‘Shows Who He Really Is’

  • Lewis backs off so George can get his first win. Max on the other hand refused to let Checo pass to help him get points for 2nd in the Drivers Championship.

  • Not a great look for Verstappen, given that the stakes for him could barely have been lower – a single non-podium position, a single point and no possible consequences for his own position in the championship. Who would want to ever help a teammate like that?

  • Look, I get that Max still has that fighting spirit inside of him and I like that but he’s already world champion and the fight for second place in the DC is still on.

    In F1, you gotta remember that you’re driving for a TEAM, not for yourself.

    • I’ve been seeing a lot of rounds on Twitter saying that it’s kinda like payback for what Perez did back in Monaco during Q3. Hmmm…

  • Vettel set the standard w/Red Bull years ago in “Multi 21.” Horner let him get away w/o penalty. Can’t threaten the guy who brings you championships

  • Anupam Thakur says:

    It’s disgraceful what Max did today. He could have been polite but he sounded like a jerk to his engineer, the team and the guy who broke his car trying to stop Lewis in 2021.

  • ฬ๏ยtєг says:

    Big fan of Max, but this was a stupid move from him. News on Dutch F1 sites, going around now is that Checo admitted after Monaco that he crashed on purpose in quali, which screwed over Max’ final run and that this was payback. Not sure how much I believe that, but that’s the story now.

    Doesn’t seem to fit Max’personality in my opinion as he doesn’t seem to be the kind of person to hold a grudge that long. He usually just moves on and he even already got enough payback by winning 14 races to Checo’s 2 this season, so I really don’t understand why he would ruin the team’s spirit for 2 lousy points today. Again: stupid move!

    • I mean Crofty said himself that it was related to Monaco but no one other than Max and a few of his most rabid fans believe Perez did that on purpose. Heck, even if he did do it, Max has nothing to gain with this petty little game of payback. Expect a lot of of Valteri Bottas style defending from Checo now and if that ends up hurting Max well so be it. He only has his own very easily bruised ego to blame.

  • Max, real colors came out. He’s a spoiled little rich brat, that always got what he wanted from his rich F1 daddy. Remember, pay back is a bitch!

    • Jack Woodruff says:

      Why don’t you start posting again when an if you get some life experience?That will probably be a while.

      • So your arguing with the official team account of a legit professional NASCAR racing team, by saying they need experience…

        What is that song by Alanis Morrisette again?

  • All season max has been putting on a show of not being a jerk and then he throws that away when it absolutely doesn’t matter.

  • As a Max fan I was disappointed that he acted like a child, but without taking any blame from Max, isn’t this Horner’s fault in a way too? I mean you know that one of your drivers blames the other for an incident (Monaco), he already complained about it (‘I have given my reasons’) and you do nothing? He should have talk with them both as soon as that happened to clear out the air and avoid things like this.

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