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Perez Told He’d Get Verstappen Position Swap Back During Spanish GP

Since yesterday’s Spanish Grand Prix, team orders have been a big talking point. Sergio Perez of Red Bull was asked twice during the race to let teammate Max Verstappen through but revealed that he’d been told he would get the position back on one of those occasions. He didn’t.

“Well, on the first stint, when I let Max by, I was told that I was going to get it back,” Checo told media after yesterday’s race. “And we knew we were on different strategies.”

Verstappen was the victim of a gust of wind early on in the race, which sent him into the gravel at Turn 4, knocking him down two places to fourth. This incident let George Russell and Sergio fly past him, but just two laps later, Perez was made to give the third-place position to Max to fight Russell.

Max had issues with DRS, which meant he found it challenging to pass the Merc of Russell, but Checo was still held back whilst Verstappen gave it his best shot.

“When I was back on it, I felt like I could have gone through and probably given a better shot at my strategy to make it work,” Perez claimed.

“But at the end of the day, it turned out to be the three-stop the way to go today.”

Red Bull also gave a similar team order later on in the race when Sergio was leading, where he was asked to let Max through because he was ‘quicker’ and on a different strategy.

“That’s very unfair but OK,” Sergio responded.

“I think what was clear was that the three-stop was a better race, race time, and the various strategies,” Perez added after the race.

“I think if I went in that direction, I would have won the race.”

Do you think Sergio could have won the race? Let us know in the comments below.

28 thoughts on “Perez Told He’d Get Verstappen Position Swap Back During Spanish GP

  • Come on guys, does anyone actually belive that Checo is fighting for the title? And that he would manage to stay in front of Verstappen for long without team orders?

    • Probably Checo will not fight for the title, but as a racing driver you are always trying to get the best of every opportunity. As a racing driver you want to win every time, especially in F1. But if you are not allowed to do that, it can be very demoralizing.

      • ฬ๏ยtєг 🇺🇦 says:

        That’s true, but then you should be with a team that can only fight for the odd race win, not one that fights for championships.

  • It is way too early in the championship to have already these team orders. Checo could have won this race and Verstappen should have fought for his 1st position if he was that good. We saw team players fighting each other this season and it was fantastic: Alonso vs Ocon is the best example. Probably C. Horner remembers Vettel vs Webber and don’t want to take any chances anymore. Still, it was very unfair for Checo.

    • ฬ๏ยtєг 🇺🇦 says:

      It made perfect sense. With Ferrari there was already a 50+ point gap between Leclerc and Sainz before this race, so they would definitely put all eggs in Leclerc’s basket this season. With Red Bull Max is clearly the faster and more consistent driver as well, but if they would start betting on 2 horses and let their drivers take points away from each other (even this early on) they would end up in a McLaren 2007 scenario where they may both score a lot of points and RB win the WCC, but then Leclerc would easily walk away with the WDC.

  • Arnoud van Houwelingen says:

    A Checo win was never on. Even without the call Checo would not have won the race. This is all very much overblown imho.

  • Willem steyn says:

    Verstappen was given the win and Checo will be racing for the good of Verstappen all season long. “Thanks mate”

  • Out the Box says:

    Lost all respect for Perez…. Most people are not surprised by what’s happened so why is he acting like this is something unexpected…
    I support Perez and expected him to question Redbull more on the radio.

  • Was it really very likely that Checo on a two stop strategy could have held off Max? It was a fait accompli because of decisions made earlier in the race. The most likely outcome of letting them race each other would have been a better outcome for rivals. I want to see Checo on the top step as much as anyone, but it was not in the cards at that point in the race.

  • randomlyassigned says:

    Let them fight. Does Horner not trust them to be able to do that cleanly? Points difference for Max if he finishes 2nd is not that significant in the championship battle, and it would keep Sergio motivated.

    • ฬ๏ยtєг 🇺🇦 says:

      Tell that to Alonso or Hamilton in 2007. They were busy fighting each other that year and they ended up tied on points only for the WDC to be snatched away by 1 point by Raikkonen. Every point matters especially in a season where it’s very close between different teams and there is no telling how things are going with development, reliability and cost cap.

      It’s a different matter if it’s like 2014-2016 for Mercedes, where they were the dominant team by a country mile, so they could have their drivers duke it out. They did not have to worry at all about any outside competition.

  • Max is a far better driver and Checo needs to understand his position on the team. This year when Max is leading, Checo is no where to be found. Checo is leading Max then Max catches up fairly quickly over several laps. Want to avoid team orders then drive faster.

    Sorry but the stopwatch doesn’t lie and every team needs a support driver. Checo, Sainz, Hamilton, Zhou, Riccardo, Stroll, Latifi etc…

    • Were you even listening to all the radio messages? Checo could’ve gone faster, he was told to conserve his tires for a different strategy. They can’t just tell him to slow down and then claim Max is faster than him. That’s a bunch of bs imo.

      • Its every race. Max is always way out in front. Its not even close. Same with LeChair and Sainz. Sainz and Checo are very clear number 2s.

        If Perez ever thought he was going to win a race with Max in the vicinity he has a lot to learn about RB.

      • Its every race. Max is always way out in front. Its not even close. Same with LeChair and Sainz. Sainz and Checo are very clear number 2s.

        If Perez ever thought he was going to win a race with Max in the vicinity he has a lot to learn about RB.

  • TomClayman says:

    This is why F1 will never be huge in the USA. Like a tie in soccer, folks here hate this BS in sport. F1 will be a fad in the USA because of this crap.

  • I don’t remember all the headline articles decrying Bottas being told to move aside for many years. Suddenly people are up in arms when a lesser driver is told to move over for the better driver.

  • Really crazy to me that people are saying Checo would have never won the race.. this is the guy that went from dead last all the way up to first in Bahrain, put some respect on his name!

  • If checo had gone past and won including fastest lap max would still be 1 point behind charles or matching if he had fastest.
    Logic dictated for the greater good, I would love to see checo in first and lift the trophy, i also have no doubts that it will happen soon.
    Maximum points and damage to ferrari

  • Rodney Marlow says:

    So it’s ok for perez to be put aside, that’s team work. But when bottas did it at times, it was the only way Hamilton could win?? Double standards or what.

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