We all know how awesome the Supercars touring car series is over in Australia, but when you add on a load of mad support championships too, it makes for one dramatic weekend of racing.

The Supercars series and its support races always put on a good show

The Supercars tin-top series never disappoints with its action-packed races, wheel-to-wheel racing and super-quick street racing.

It also usually throws up a whole load of crashes and pile-ups. When you add a load of mad support championships to the schedule too, you know you’re in for a good time.

Last weekend saw the Supercars series and many other championships wrap up their 2016 seasons in Sydney. Here are all the best thrills and spills from the Homebush Street Circuit:

Seeing the crumbled corner of this Touring Car Masters machine got us right on the feels.

This Toyota 86 Racing Series pile-up shows that on street circuits, there’s nothing you can really do when you exit a corner and see a crashed car right in front of you.

The Dunlop Series is the feeder category to the top-tier Supercars and some of the drivers’ attempts to get through this carnage are absolutely hilarious.

This barrier was absolutely annihilated by this V8 Ute racer.

Quite a road block, right? This Toyota 86 Racing Series pile-up definitely trumps the previous one.

That is some serious air! What a weird, clumsy and typically funny Aussie racing crash. How did the car not tip over?

Bye, bye V8 Ute. This series is always pretty entertaining to watch and this was proved once again by some unusual crashes. That’s most definitely a brake failure!

Finally, this fan had a brilliant view of a Supercars pile-up into the chicane. Classic first lap incident.