Arguably one of the coolest looking F1 cars of all time, the BMW-powered Brabham BT52 took Nelson Piquet to the World Championship in 1983. Nelson Piquet Jr. got the chance to take it for a spin along an alpine road at a BMW motorsport event.

If you think turbo engines can’t sound good, think again. The BMW engine went on to become the most powerful in the history of F1, reportedly producing up to 1500bhp in qualifying trim by 1986. From a 1.5-litre four cylinder! And the sound is just so…smooooth. The first part of the video is a must for any engine geek – check out the movement of that throttle body and the red-hot exhaust manifold! Saucy.

It just gets better. The road, the noise, the scenery! It must be nerve-wracking to hand over a priceless piece of Formula 1 history to someone, especially on such a dangerous bit of road, but Piquet Jr. is a fairly safe pair of hands nowadays. Plus there aren’t many walls on a mountain pass, and no Flavio Briatore in sight, so they could probably be reasonably sure that nothing…’suspicious’ would happen.