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Pirelli’s Ultra-Soft Tyres Will Be Pink For The US GP

October is breast cancer awareness month, and to raise awareness this weekend’s Grand Prix in Austin will be running a whole load of initiatives in support of breast cancer charity Susan G Komen.

Pirelli is getting in on the act, and across the event the ultra-soft tyres will be pink rather than the usual purple.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a tyre manufacturer use a different colour to support a cause. At the 2008 Japanese Grand Prix, Bridgestone made the grooves in the tyres green to promote environmentally friendly driving.

It isn’t just the ultra-soft tyres that have gone pink for this weekend though, as the stripe in the pit lane has also been decked out in pink.

There will also be a whole load of things going on at the track which hope to raise awareness, such as pink-themed merchandise and a social media campaign which encourages fans to share their stories using the hashtag #DriveForTheCure. Force India will also run with a pink ribbon on its cars, like it has done in a few other races this season.

It’s great to see the sport given over to such a worthy cause, and props to Pirelli for showing its support with the funky pink tyres!

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