This Close Call In The GP2 Pit Lane Was Ridiculously Scary

Motorsport pit lanes are dangerous places to work and we were reminded of that when a mechanic found himself staring down an approaching GP2 car in the Abu Dhabi feature race.

Luca Ghiotto’s car was in the Trident pit box when a wheel got loose and attempted to escape across the fast lane.

The left-rear tyre mechanic went chasing after it, just as Raffaele Marciello’s Russian Time car exited its pit stop in the box behind.

Marciello had to slam onto the brakes to avoid hitting the mechanic, who made quick work of getting both the tyre and himself out of the way.


But it could’ve been very nasty indeed for all involved, if it wasn’t for Marciello’s fast reactions.

Just remember, kids. Always look both ways before crossing the road!