Pit Stops With 2017 F1 Tyres Are Still Ridiculously Quick – WTF1

Pit Stops With 2017 F1 Tyres Are Still Ridiculously Quick

This video of Mercedes performing some pit stop practice with 2017-spec wheels and tyres gives the impression that the increased size won’t slow down pit stops.

Part of the regulation changes for 2017 include tyres that are around 25% wider than they were in 2016 and many wondered whether the bigger, heavier tyres would make it more awkward for the mechanics to complete pit stops as quickly as they have in recent years.

But judging by this clip of the Mercedes team practising it looks like the crew have all spent some time buffing up in the gym, because these look as fast as ever.

Of course, doing it in practice is totally different to doing it under the pressure of a race situation, but so far it doesn’t look like the change has been too hard for them to adjust to. Plenty more two-second stops to look forward to in 2017 then!

One place where the bigger tyres have been welcomed is at Red Bull, because it means that when Ricciardo comes into the pits at Monaco they’ll be much easier for the mechanics to find.

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