How fast would racing cars be if they didn’t have to conform to any regulations? Well, that’s what’s Porsche is trying to find out. As part of the ‘farewell tour’ for its 919 Hybrid, the German manufacturer is going nuts and turning it into an unregulated monster.

The aero is being beefed up, the weight reduced, and all the technology restrictions it had when competing in the WEC have been removed. Apparently, it’s pushing out something close to 1200bhp, too – that’s certainly enough!

It’s been testing at Spa in the hands of Neel Jani and it looks – and sounds – absolutely brutal. Just look at that rear wing!

In testing today, the car just set a 1:41.770 around Spa – that’s eight-tenths faster than Lewis Hamilton’s pole time at the circuit in 2017, the previous circuit record. Yeah, it’s really fast.

Porsche won’t be stopping there, though. According to Dailysportscar, Porsche’s ultimate target for Spa is a 1:36 – a massive six seconds faster than F1. If Porsche can achieve that, it’ll mean also the 919 is 17 seconds faster than the best time set during last year’s WEC round.

If Porsche can pull this off then it’s going to be one of the most incredible spectacles in motorsport… well, ever!