Porsche Is Supplying Supercars With Something Called A ‘Saftey Car’ – WTF1

Porsche Is Supplying Supercars With Something Called A ‘Saftey Car’

Porsche and the Supercars series in Australia have teamed up for the 2017 season but the announcement didn’t go too well.

No, because one of the brand-spanking new Porsche Cayennes had the word “Safety Car” misspelled on the side.

It wasn’t in small writing, either. Nope, it was in massive white text across the side. Awkward…

Fortunately for other press shots the “Saftey Car” was changed back to “Safety Car”. But someone’s probably got in a bit of trouble for this.

Especially because the image has been doing the rounds on social media, after it was professionally written, applied, photographed and distributed.

Naturally, it’s probably been fixed already and wasn’t in other press shots, with the opening round of the Supercars season having already kicked off today ahead of this weekend’s races.

Perhaps it’s just a nice reminder to always double check these things and pay attention to the small details. It’s not completely obvious at a first glance, but you can’t not see it when you pick it up.

The new medical, safety and course cars have been switched from Lexus to Porsche, supplying Cayenne S Diesel SUVs – packing 4.2-litre V8 turbo diesel engines.

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