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This Previously Unseen Footage Of Imola 1994 Is Incredibly Eerie

A fan who was at the 1994 San Marino GP has uploaded some footage that he filmed during the event.

There’s already a fair bit of video out there of that awful weekend at Imola but this newly-uploaded footage is definitely worth a watch. Thomas Grønvold was sat in the grandstand opposite the pits and captured a lot of the significant moments of the weekend on camera (don’t worry, there’s nothing graphic).

Knowing what happened it’s incredibly chilling to see the moment Roland Ratzenberger started his final lap, and Ayrton Senna wandering around the pits before the race. It’s also pretty terrifying seeing the debris from the crash at the start flying over the safety fence.

What makes this really interesting is how it captures the atmosphere of being in the crowd. Because they’re in Italy, the reaction when Gerhard Berger’s Ferrari appears in the lead is one of pure joy, despite Senna having crashed just a few laps before. At the time the spectators didn’t know how serious Senna’s crash was – how would they? They’re reacting as they would at any other Grand Prix.

Without the commentary or narration that usually accompanies any video from the event it provides a really interesting and different take on that weekend. If anything, it’s even more poignant and moving.

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