Project CARS At A Wet Monza Looks Absolutely Mega – WTF1

Project CARS At A Wet Monza Looks Absolutely Mega

Simply Mad Studios have certainly made Project CARS look the part but how well does it play? Well for those of us not already enrolled in the Weapons of Mass Development scheme, there’s still another couple of months to wait.

Still we can all marvel at this new video, a top tier single seater Formula A car around Monza… in the pouring rain!

Watch as the rain hammers down from the starkly lit, overcast sky onto the track surface, forming standing water and streams. See the droplets work their way across the helmet visor, the car bodywork, and the TV camera lenses. The plume of spray thrown up from the chunky wet weather tyres and the gloomy mist masking the trees in the near distance help to completely immerse the driver in the digital world.



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