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So This Is Why Project CARS Has Taken So Long

I mentioned earlier that Project CARS has been in development for a long time now. Approaching 3 years, in fact. While that’s nothing on Gran Turismo 5, it’s still a long time, and this video shows you why.

The clip shows the BAC Mono on the California Highway stretch of road in versions of the game from July 2012 and August 2014 side-by-side. Whilst the earlier build looks very respectable (and up to scratch for an Xbox 360 or PS3 game), the latest version now designed to run on Xbox One and PS4 looks phenomenal. An increased polygon count mapped with higher fidelity textures, advanced lighting and shadows, many more track-side objects and beautiful water effects make this racer well worth the wait!



Project CARS is due to be released in November on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Windows and SteamOS). The Wii U version has been delayed until 2015.

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