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Here’s What Happens When You Don’t ‘Leave-A-Da-Space’ When Racing

Fernando Alonso once said, when you’re racing wheel to wheel you “ALL THE TIME YOU HAVE TO LEAVE-A-DA-SPACE!”

That didn’t quite happen during a Toyota Finance 86 Championship race and caused a pretty hefty shunt for both drivers.

Thomas Stokes was attempting to draw alongside Mike Lightfoot’s Toyota GT86 during the race one 2016-2017 season opener at the Pukekohe Park Raceway in New Zealand.

But just as Stokes started to go side-by-side, Lightfoot gradually squeezed him towards the grass until there was no room left, pitching Stokes into a spin.

His out-of-control GT86 went across the track and into the side of Lightfoot’s car, pitching both of them heavily into the wall.

Whether Lightfoot knew Stokes was there, we don’t know. But he should’ve done and the incident proves what happens when someone doesn’t leave a space. Alonso would be very disappointed.

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