Really talented and famous racing drivers failing to qualify for massive events has been a huge story over the last few days. We thought we’d take a look away from Indy and focus on the times it happened on Formula 1’s marquee event – Monaco.

These days, failing to qualify is hardly even an option. In years past, however, grids at Monaco were very restrictive and for some backmarker teams, beating the 107 per cent time was a real challenge. As a result, some big names have missed out.

We’ve listed 12 iconic drivers from F1 history – all you have to do is decide whether or not they’ve ever failed to qualify at Monaco (DNQ’d) or if they made the grid for all of their F1 appearances there (Never DNQ’d). Good luck!

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So, how did you get on? Will you be starting from the front, or have you fallen foul of the 107 per cent rule?

Top image (c) Pher38/Creative Commons