Racing Drivers And Pundits Are In Near-Unanimous Disagreement With Vettel's Penalty - WTF1

Racing Drivers And Pundits Are In Near-Unanimous Disagreement With Vettel’s Penalty

As fans, we’re simply armchair experts speaking from the heart with nothing more to go on than what we’ve seen on the TV.

Racing drivers, on the other hand, know a thing or two about racing situations and the response from across the motorsport world seems to be in collective disbelief about what just happened.

Sky Sports F1 pundits also disagreed with the decision – Martin Brundle, Jenson Button, and Karun Chandhok all said there was nothing Vettel could have done.

We’ll leave the final word to motorsport icon Mario Andretti, who perfectly summed up the situation – not only in disagreement with Vettel’s penalty, but in questioning the role driving penalties should play as a whole.

If there are any positives to take out of this (and I’m really struggling to find one), it’s that the outrage at the penalty from all quarters might spark the sport into taking a long, hard look about the way it does things.

I won’t be holding my breath, though, because perhaps the worst part of this whole sorry situation is that when that penalty message popped up, a part of me that wasn’t at all surprised.

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