Even Kimi Raikkonen Has Spoken Out About 'Stupid People' In F1 - WTF1

Even Kimi Raikkonen Has Spoken Out About ‘Stupid People’ In F1

You know shit’s got real when even Kimi Raikkonen starts talking. The 2007 World Champion, who’s well known for not saying an awful lot, is the latest driver to speak out about the current situation of the sport.

‘Don’t leave them alone, they don’t know what they’re doing’ is pretty much the Finn’s view on the whole situation as F1 continues to completely balls up everything.

“There is so much politics and bullshit in F1 that it is crazy sometimes,” said the Ferrari driver. “People from the outside must look at us and think ‘what stupid people, what are they doing?’.”

The Finn though believes that ‘bullshit’ politics is nothing new in Formula One.

“I don’t think it is good for anybody, but unfortunately it is how F1 is and it’s been like that for years. Now there are bigger stories about it, but if you take ten years ago there was still politics and it’s just the evolution of it.”

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