Raikkonen’s Birthday Present To Vettel Was An Ice Sculpture Of Himself

OK, so this is actually a UPS advert, but an ice sculpture of Kimi Raikkonen would be a pretty cool (see what we did there) birthday present

Are you prepared for another dose of awkward acting from Raikkonen and his Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel?

Well, the 3 July 2017 marks Vettel’s 30th birthday, and Raikkonen left it a bit late getting him a present. So, naturally, out comes the chainsaw.

Luckily for the Iceman, UPS comes and speedily delivers his present – and it turns out to be an ice sculpture of himself.

Getting the present from Finland to Spain without it melting was quite an achievement, that must’ve been a quick delivery time.

We’re also seriously impressed with Kimi’s ice sculpting skills. Less so with their cheesy acting in this UPS ad. Perhaps stick to the driving.