Ferrari Just Kicked Red Bull In The Nuts – WTF1

Ferrari Just Kicked Red Bull In The Nuts

After seemingly ending their rocky relationship with Renault, it now appears Red Bull’s only way of staying in Formula One might be to beg the French engine suppliers to take them back.

Mercedes and Honda had already ruled themselves out of supplying engines to the former World Champions but now the favourites to supply Red Bull with engines, Ferrari, have decided they’re not going to either.

According to Auto Motor und Sport Ferrari have backed down on their original plan and even more of a kick in the nuts for Red Bull, is Ferrari has said they would be willing to provide engines to their little sister Toro Rosso. Ouch!

So what now for Red Bull? Do they leave Formula One altogether? Or will Christian Horner have to send an awkward text trying to get back with the ex?


‘Hey Renault. So…’

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