F1 driver interviews are often full of boring PR speak and getting a sense of their personalities can be difficult. It’s usually only when drivers get older or retire that they act more relaxed on camera, but this video of the Red Bull drivers interviewing each other totally turns that perception on it’s head.

Of course, put Daniel Ricciardo in front of a camera and you’re pretty much guaranteed to get gold, but it’s also great to see Max chatting in a more relaxed environment and showing off his personality.

In this video the two drivers interview each other on a variety of topics, from obvious stuff like their highlights and memories of the year, but also more personal things like what they do in their free time and which trophies they’d like to swap with each other. There’s also a great bit where the two drivers discuss the whole Kvyat-Verstappen seat swap, which is well worth hearing.

At nearly half-an-hour it’s a long video, but absolutely worth every second. After all, how often do we get to hear drivers speaking so openly and honestly? Massive kudos to Red Bull for doing this.

It’s also the only place you’ll get to find out how often Verstappen shaves and which driver Ricciardo most wants to make do a shoey.

Now, can we get one from the Mercedes drivers please? Imagine the awkwardness!