In news that has dragged on for just as long as Renault buying Lotus, Red Bull have finally announced their engines for 2016, while Toro Rosso’s deal was confirmed just a few hours later.

At one point it seemed Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat might have to ‘Flinstone power’ their RB12 in 2016 but the team has recently announced their TAG – it’s not a Renault, honest – Heuer branded engines for next season.

The team will still be using Renault power units next year, but will run under the name Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer. So presumably it’s a TAG engine when they win and a Renault engine when they get faced with some kind of outrageous grid-drop penalty again.

Meanwhile Toro Rosso have confirmed they will shift back to year-old Ferrari engines, which may not be a bad shout considering Ferrari’s much-improved 2015 power unit.