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Red Bull Has An Unusual Dummy Car For Pit Stop Practice

Pit stop practice is an important thing for the teams to do throughout testing, but it’s also one of the few times the cars will be stationary and out in the open. That means it’s a golden opportunity for people from other teams to go out and snap some photos of the car, hoping to learn more about some of the more intricate details.

Red Bull are notorious for really, really hating anyone getting close-ups of their car (it’s a good job they don’t draw attention to themselves by doing things like, I dunno, hiring young and exciting drivers), so they’ve come up with a solution. No, these aren’t the latest crazy rule interpretations of Adrian Newey, but rather parts of a ‘dummy car’ the team use for pit stop practice.

It’s basically an electrically-powered RB12 with bits added so that it resembles this years RB13. Weird huh? Just another example of the extreme efforts teams will go to in order to try and gain a tiny advantage.

Feature image (C) Red Bull Content Pool

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