Adrian Newey's Red Bull X2014 For Gran Turismo 6 Is Finally Here... And It's Insane - WTF1

Adrian Newey’s Red Bull X2014 For Gran Turismo 6 Is Finally Here… And It’s Insane

A little later than expected, Adrian Newey’s new machines are ready to race. No not the RB10, that’s too busy setting on fire in Jerez, but instead the Red Bull X2014 Standard and Fan Car for Gran Turismo 6.

Just like in Gran Turismo 5,  you can race (if you can keep the damn thing on the road) these Newey designed rocket ship in a challenge against a virtual Sebastian Vettel.

We’ll also be looking closely on what time the car can achieve at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, with the old X2011 car lapping it in a batshit crazy three and a half minutes.



You can buy Gran Turismo 6 at Amazon here.

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