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Red Bull’s New Sponsorship Deal Could Be One Of The Biggest In F1 History

The 2022 car wasn’t the only thing Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez unveiled at Red Bull’s launch todayEagle-eyed fans might have spotted the team’s new name and a different brand pop up on the side of the RB18, Oracle. 

You might be wondering who Oracle are. Don’t worry. We were too.

It’s evident that money talks in F1, but this US-based technology company’s deal with Red Bull looks to be one of the biggest in F1 history and also in all sports right now. Sheeeeesh. 

Although the specific details haven’t been revealed, the Associated Press reports that the five-year deal could be worth around $100 million a year. That’s a WHOPPING $500 million!

By comparison, Mercedes’ title sponsors, Malaysian oil giant Petronas reportedly shell out $75 million annually, according to Forbes.

Along with their branding on the RB18, Red Bull are tweaking their name to include their latest title sponsor, becoming Oracle Red Bull Racing. Last season, the Milton Keynes-based team had no title sponsor, previously occupied Aston Martin and Infiniti.

During Max Verstappen’s title-winning campaign last year, Red Bull claimed that Oracle’s data software helped them increase their number of strategy simulations by 1000x and made that 10x more accurate. This is crucial to keeping costs low considering the $140 million budget cap this season.

Additionally, the deal has long-term benefits as it allows them to use the software when developing their own engines following Honda’s exit once F1’s latest engines debut in 2026.

Red Bull aren’t the only team to have revealed a new title sponsor ahead of the 2022 season. Ahead of their launch tomorrow, Aston Martin have announced a multi-year deal with Aramco.

The Saudi Arabian oil company will become a joint title sponsor, with the team being renamed the Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One team. Crikey, that’s a mouthful!

Had you heard of Red Bull’s new title sponsor before today? Let us know in the comments below.

14 thoughts on “Red Bull’s New Sponsorship Deal Could Be One Of The Biggest In F1 History

  • Anyone who has worked at an office knows who Oracle is. It’s THE largest database engine in the world. Almost every mid/large Corporation has at least one database platform that runs on Oracle. SAP, SAS, most CRM’s, they all run at least partially on Oracle

  • Another reason to hate Red Bull. I actually worked for Oracle (I was originally an employee of a company that merged with Oracle) and it was the worst place ever to have a job. Reason being, Ellison was and is a hedonistic, narcissistic horrid example of a person that acted as founder/owner, much as Bezos and Musk act today.

    • bhargav pavuluri says:

      I hate gutless people like you who could not show their face or name but throw around serious baseless accusations around on people you don’t like. You make skin crawl.

    • Michael Glaeser says:

      I don’t get it. I understand your Point of view, but why is it a reason to hate RedBull?
      (Sorry, stumbled across the comment by chance and don’t have an account)

    • Ferrari still won’t make as much money as Red Bull-Oracle from the Mission Winnow deal due to the number of countries where it’s banned. Oracle, meanwhile, can be shown basically anywhere (Except possibly China because Certified CCP Moment)

      • Mission Winnow is a marketing deal by Phillip Morris, they have always lined Ferrari’s pockets with Sponsorship money for the last few decades.
        Phillip Morris were still paying Ferrari sponsorship money before the Mission Winnow marketing deal and the car never had much Tobacco advertising since 2004.

        I don’t think you understand the amount Phillip Morris was pumping into Ferrari on an annual basis, especially when they were spending £300m plus per season.

  • Yes, I work in IT and Oracle is a huge company in Enterprise software. They are also a widely hated company. So this makes it easier to hate Red Bull by proxy. Oracle’s pricing is famously byzantine – wouldn’t be surprised if Red Bull doesn’t end up paying for this deal in the end! 😉

    (that’s a joke for those who can’t tell, but Oracle’s sales & licensing/pricing practices are one of the things they’re most hated for)

  • Yeah, the most shocking thing about this article was “You might be wondering who Oracle are. Don’t worry. We were too.” Woof! I guess I live a cloistered life if I’m surprised that there’s a significant amount of people who don’t know about Oracle.

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