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Redesigning All 10 2020 F1 Liveries

We do love liveries here on WTF1, so I thought I’d share a little project I’ve been working on. Now let’s get one thing clear first, I’ve not done this because I dislike the 2020 F1 liveries – far from it. I think the grid has a wide range of colours and it’s a great looking grid. It’s just a bit of fun to give the teams a fresh look.

Now if you’ve seen my liveries before on Instagram or YouTube, you’ll know that they’re done using the livery editor on Gran Turismo Sport and as such, there isn’t an F1 car to paint. So instead they’re done on Super Formula’s Dallara SF19 chassis, the closest looking thing to a modern F1 car.

However, to cover the ‘that’s not an F1 car” comments, Josh Lunt Design has kindly created 2D renders of all 10 of my redesigns.

With the Alfa Romeo, I wanted to add more red to the design as currently it has too much white for my liking. I’m personally a big fan of how the extra red looks on the nose, although I imagine Ferrari wouldn’t be too impressed.

It may come as a shock that I’m not the biggest fan of the current AlphaTauri livery. The clothing brand’s colours are black and white so I decided to do something with that and I think it looks pretty badass with the matte/gloss black combo.

Ferrari isn’t the easiest to redesign as it’s got to be red. I did however go old school with it, making the front and rear wing black and painting the wheels gold.

I wanted to make the Haas look more American so for this one, I based it on Mario Andretti’s helmet with the silver and blue, then added some detail with the red and white stripes.

McLaren was really difficult to do as I really love the original livery and I wanted to keep it orange. I ditched the blue for black and grey, though, which could work nicely for the team’s move to Mercedes power next year.

Mercedes is another one that you can’t do much with but I decided to add a lot more turquoise. The Petronas logo being written in turquoise on black pops nicely too.

Personally I love that the Racing Point is pink, it stands out massively on the grid and it’ll be one of those liveries we always remember. However, for my redesign I wanted to make it a bit different, so I went for black with pink detailing on the Halo and wings.

I’m a huge fan of the Red Bull livery so this was difficult. I was inspired by the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes on this one, so it’s chrome with blue to match the look of a Red Bull can.

Another retro redesign, this one was inspired by the mid-2000s Renault. I used the light blue from the Renault E-Tech logo to bring back the bright blue and make it look like the iconic R25/R26 but with a modern redesign.

Finally the Williams. Once I finished all these images, Williams decided to ditch Rokit as a sponsor, making this one a bit out of date. I tried removing the logos but didn’t like it.

Instead I went for something completely different using the blue and black. This one was made using the Formula Hybrid mod on Assetto Corsa.

That’s all of them! Let me know which one you like best using the poll below – and a big thanks to Josh Lunt Design for taking the time to put these designs on an F1 template.

Which livery redesign is your favourite?

Alfa Romeo
Racing Point
Red Bull
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