Remember That Time Liuzzi Torpedoed Into Cars At The First Chicane In 2011

Vitantonio Liuzzi did a ‘Maldonado’ at the start of the 2011 Italian Grand Prix…

The tight and twisty first chicane is usually the scene of early drama during Formula 1’s trip to the famous Monza circuit and that definitely proved to be the case back in 2011.

HRT (remember that short-lived F1 squad?) driver Vitantonio Liuizzi was probably keen to impress his home crowd at the Italian Grand Prix, but his race quickly went wrong.

On the long run down to the first corner, there was some jostling for position at the back, with Liuzzi taking to the grass and losing control as he entered the braking zone.

In quite spectacular, Maldonado-like fashion, he drifted across the grass with no control of his car and smashed into the midfield.

He completely smashed into Vitaly Petrov and Nico Rosberg, and the rest of the field has to scatter across the run-off area in avoidance of the chaos.

Naturally, the safety car was deployed while the debris and damaged cars were cleared, and the race was eventually won by Sebastian Vettel.

There are some brilliant videos online from fans, giving us a glimpse of how the crash looked from their perspective. And you can hear the crowd’s reactions too!