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Remembering Montoya’s Awesome Pass On Schumacher At The Bus Stop Chicane

Michael Schumacher may have won 12 of the first 13 races in 2004, but at Spa his Ferrari was suffering badly from tyre warm-up issues, making him particularly vulnerable after safety car periods.

The first four laps of the race were spent behind the safety car following several incidents, and when it came in Schumacher (who had dropped from second to fourth at the start) was struggling. Eventual race winner Kimi Raikkonen immediately got past and shot off down the road as Montoya’s Williams closed in on the Ferrari.

Coming in to the newly-reprofiled Bus Stop chicane at the end of the lap Schuey went defensive and covered the inside, but it wasn’t enough. Montoya spotted an opportunity and just went clean around the outside of him instead!

It was just the kind of move Montoya had become known for, and yet another occasion where he managed to put one over on Schumacher.

He was on course for a podium but a tyre failure eight laps from the end put him out of the race, whilst Michael went on to finish second, securing world championship number seven in the process.

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