Podium ceremonies this year already took on an unusual form (out of necessity) as drivers keep apart after races and try to drink champagne through their masks. But this weekend at the Red Bull Ring, the weirdness seems to have been cranked up a notch.

Instead of having someone quickly hand over the trophies, or simply leaving them by the podium plinths ahead of time for the drivers to pick up, the organisers have come up with an alternative. After a thrilling wet Formula 2 feature race, this happened:

Yep, that’s a remote-controlled table zooming its way over to the drivers with a trophy on it. At least, we hope it’s motorised, and not just a really small person crouched inside it.

Of course, it would help if they were reliable – the winning trophy for Robert Shwartzman seemed to have a bit of trouble getting there.

Please, please let these be a thing for the F1 podiums – and for the rest of the season.