Renault Reveal A Very, Very Black Livery – WTF1

Renault Reveal A Very, Very Black Livery

As we all expected, Kevin Magnussen was revealed alongside Joylon Palmer at the Renault Sport F1 launch in Paris. One thing we didn’t expect to see however was a plain black car.

The event in Paris was supposedly to reveal the new colour scheme but instead the world sat through 30 minutes of Renault adverts only to see a car that looked liked it had been painted to match the Pirelli soft tyre.


Renault Sport President Jerome Stoll however hinted that the RS16 livery could well change before the Australian Grand Prix in March. Here’s hoping, as it currently looks like the company ran out of yellow paint.

The event in Paris also confirmed the team’s official name as ‘Renault Sport Formula One Team.’

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