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Renault Boss Would Like To See Alonso Return

They’ve only officially been back in Formula One for a day now but Renault CEO Carlos Ghosn didn’t beat around the bush when asked whether he’d like to see Fernando Alonso return to the team one day.

“Of course I would like to [sign Alonso]” said Ghosn at yesterday’s Paris launch when asked by the Spanish press. “But it is not my responsibility. It is the team that has the responsibility and I support their decisions.”

“During our years in Formula One I have made many friends, we have met many talented drivers and Fernando is one of the best.”

While I wouldn’t put it past Fernando leaving McLaren if they don’t get their shit together, Renault themselves have said it’ll be at least three years before they can even start thinking about scoring podiums… and let’s be honest, he’s already wasted enough years of his career waiting for a competitive car.

If it happens though here’s hoping Minardi make a comeback, so Fernando can continue running the first half of his F1 career in reverse.

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