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Retro: Modern Cars, Classic Liveries

Renault, Lotus, Williams… there’s been an ever growing trend recently for classic liveries on modern F1 cars and now, here’s a load more thanks to some Photoshop skills from RaikkonenWDC. We’ve got some classic McLarens, Benettons and Williams.

Click below for a blast from the past.

The Classic Malboro McLaren livery. Cigarette advertising may be long gone but many people thought the famous red and white of McLaren might return thanks to their Vodafone sponsorship.

Williams ran a Rothmans style retro livery in 2011, then with the return of Renault engines a year later, many expected to see something like this on the car.

A classic Benetton livery still looks just as awesome on a modern car as it did back then.

McLaren actually ran orange cars during the Bruce McLaren years. The famous colours returned in 1997 but only as a testing livery.



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