The rFactor games are a cornerstone of the sim racing world. the original rFactor from 2005 has just been greenlit on Steam, meaning in the near future it’ll be available to buy and download from Valve’s digital distribution service, no doubt giving it a new lease of life and introducing it to players who may not know about it.

But rFactor is almost 10 years old now, and it already has a successor, the very cleverly named rFactor 2. Of course one of the best thing about the series is the infinite modding possibilities. Below is a video showing off the impressive scale of what can be achieved.

100 cars navigating the Nordschleife’s Karussell. AI cars, but impressive none the less that the architecture can support such numbers on such a long circuit. Maybe the days of recreating an accurate digital Nurburgring 24 Hours with over 100 cars, full day and night cycles and weather aren’t so far away!