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Ricciardo Calls Out ‘Disrespectful’ Amount Of Replays After Grosjean Crash

After Romain Grosjean’s horrific accident at the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Renault driver Daniel Ricciardo has shared his disgust at TV Directors for showing continuous replays of the crash on the world feed.

“I don’t want to comment too much on the race,” he told Ziggo Sport.

“I want to express my disgust and disappointment with F1.

“The way the incident of Grosjean was broadcast over and over, the replays, it was completely disrespectful and inconsiderate for his family, for all our families, watching.

“We are going to [be going] racing again in an hour and every time we look at the tv it is a ball of fire and his car is cut in half.

“We can see that tomorrow. We don’t need to see that today.

“For me, it was entertainment and they are playing with all our emotions and I thought it was pretty disgusting.

“Hopefully, some other drivers have spoken up but if that is not how we all really feel I will be very surprised.”

With many drivers making a conscious effort not to get back into their garages during the red-flag period, Ricciardo clearly felt the repeated replays of the crash was too much especially as Grosjean’s condition was not fully known.

It has been reported that Grosjean has suffered second-degree burns to his hands and feet, as well as fractured ribs, but understandably the full diagnosis is not clear or been made public.

5 thoughts on “Ricciardo Calls Out ‘Disrespectful’ Amount Of Replays After Grosjean Crash

  • I can see where he’s coming from, but I personally think F1 handled it quite well.

    They didn’t show the crash until we knew he was fine, so they waited quite long with that, which was good.
    I think the first picture they showed was him being in safety, which was most important for us all. And also if you think about it for the family, they just want to know if Romain is safe or not. That’s as a family member the most important thing there is. I don’t think it matters after that for them whether or not they show the actual crash.
    Did they possibly show a few to many replays? Maybe.
    But to be honest, I myself didn’t have a good idea of what just happened. If you see he’s safe and after that you see the crash in replay, it only helps you to comprehend what sort of impact he went through.
    The fact they replayed the footage so many times, had to do with the fact that they had an hour to fill with footage. F1 went trough the replay cycle maybe 2 or 3 times. But I think they mostly did that to help the ones who just joined on catching up with what happened.

    • Steven Bremer says:

      I tend to agree with what you are saying. They also showed a few different onboard replays and cut each one before impact which I thought was the right thing to do.

  • Great comments from Daniel Ricciardo.
    Was a marshall in Australia many years ago. Hate crashes.
    Great to see Romain climb out.
    Questions about the car structure. Fuel cell should have stayed with the engine, not the driver.
    Should there be a redesign for next year?

  • I get where he’s coming from but I also don’t agree. F1 handled it quite well in my opinion. They delayed all replays for several minutes until they were able to confirm that he was ok and even the didnt show full replays of some angles.

    If he, as a driver, doesn’t want to see it that is totally understandable. But that is not on the broadcaster.

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