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Ricciardo ‘Didn’t Feel As Bad’ About Tsunoda Shunt After Watching Replays

Daniel Ricciardo, TAKE A BOW. He may have had a season to forget this year, but he put in an incredible performance to recover from a crash with Yuki Tsunoda and take home seventh in the Mexican Grand Prix 👏

The Honey Badger arrived in Mexico City having finished behind teammate Lando Norris 15 times in the last 19 races. Yikes. Then, after showing some strong race pace early on, many thought he’d ruined his chances when he hit Tsunoda, earning him a ten-second penalty. 

However, the Aussie fought back, overtaking Alfa Romeo’s Valterri Bottas and both Alpines, in a showing that could be critical in the battle for fourth in the constructors’ standings. 

After the race, Ricciardo told Sky Sports that he “felt like he still had really good pace,” something he credited to the McLaren strategy team, who planned for him to switch to the soft tyre.

“We kind of had the plan that if we were at the tail end of the group, then we would have the opportunity to try something,” he said.

“We thought ‘why not? It’s a good chance to attack,’ and obviously, it’s nice when you have a better tyre, and you can put some pressure on, so we definitely talked about it.”

On his crash, which sent Tsunoda flying into the air, the Driver of the Day In Mexico said he “took responsibility,” but having seen it again, he “didn’t feel as bad about it.”

In fact, Ricciardo argued that he “didn’t miss the apex, lockup and go into him,” and he was “just trying to stay” close behind him, not “lunge him” as it may have appeared. 

Has Ricciardo turned a corner at the Mexican Grand Prix?

3 thoughts on “Ricciardo ‘Didn’t Feel As Bad’ About Tsunoda Shunt After Watching Replays

  • just as Ferrari have broken a few good drivers, McLaren seems to have broken DR3, I hope this reignites him, he is a strong talent, the only driver to have outscored Verstappen as a teammate in F1 (true, Verstappen became his teammate in the middle of the season), but he still did it, and McLaren seem to have not learned how to exploit his talent, other than using him to block for Norris, which doesn’t do anyone favors.

    • Not to be a total downer after one of his good days, but he’s been insisting all season that when it comes to public opinion in F1 you’re only as good as your last race and I think it’s become an increasingly desperate belief to hold onto. A distant 8th was disappointing last year and he plainly shouldn’t be down in 12th competing with Haas and Aston this season when Norris is comfortably best of the rest.

      He’s one of the sweetest guys on the grid but I really don’t think we can blame McLaren when Danny isn’t putting down enough performance to even factor into team strategy most weekends.

      • Agreed. The strategists(?) at McLaren seem to keep hurting Norris’ chances and did it again on Sunday. He wanted to stay on the mediums and switch to the soft tyres later but the ”team’ called him in early and installed hard tyres. Given it was cooler than Saturday it was clear to me and most of the quicker drivers that the mediums were working well. But it was a dumb call. Lando need to get his voice heard on the pit wall. It seems to have taken the McLaren strategists(?) until much later to realize their error and put Danny onto the softs.

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