Ricciardo Gets Super Sarcastic In Hilarious F1 Interview In Austria

Apparently, Dany Ric has always said he’ll retire from Formula 1 after taking five wins, and now he’s done that

You just can’t not find Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo hilarious. He’s always smiling, constantly joking around and never taking things too seriously – until he puts his helmet on and takes to the track, that is.

Ahead of the Austrian GP weekend, Ricciardo had a chat with Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz about his win at the crazy Baku race last time out and he got super sassy and sarcastic.

Via Reddit/vouwrfract

The Aussie said that he’s always wanted to get to five F1 wins and then he’d retire from the sport, so now he’s reached that milestone, he was “done”.

But, he said it without cracking a smile. Which is very rare, for him. And he was so sarcastic while still keeping a straight face, which made it even funnier.

In all seriousness, he IS racing in Austria this weekend (for anyone who believed his obvious sarcasm) and won’t be leaving F1 any time soon.