Daniel Ricciardo Made Everyone Do The ‘Shoey’ On The Malaysian GP Podium – WTF1

Daniel Ricciardo Made Everyone Do The ‘Shoey’ On The Malaysian GP Podium

How cool is Daniel Ricciardo? Having made the “shoey” famous in the F1 world, he brought it back to the podium after winning the Malaysian Grand Prix.

Having done the shoey in Germany and Belgium, he had said he wouldn’t do it again unless he won a race. Well, now he has and he did just that.

Ricciardo picked up the pieces from a Lewis Hamilton DNF to fend off his teammate Max Verstappen and claim his first victory of 2016 and fourth of his career.

We all knew it was coming but that still didn’t stop social media and the crowd at the track from going wild when he took his shoe off on the podium.


Having drank the sparkling wine (which is on the podium now) from his sweaty shoe, he then offered it up to his team boss Christian Horner.

Max Verstappen then got in on the act and after a little hesitation, Nico Rosberg reluctantly joined them (although he didn’t seem to like it that much).

But when ex-F1 driver Mark Webber came out onto the podium to do the post-race interviews, he wasn’t so keen.

Ricciardo had already forced him to do it in Belgium but he was having none of it and ended up chucking the shoe off the podium altogether.


Probably a safe bet, Mark…

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