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Ricciardo Unleashed A Load Of Hilarious One-Liners After His Chinese GP Victory

Is it even possible to dislike Ricciardo? As well as being an incredibly exciting driver, he’s also absolutely hilarious.

Following his epic and well-deserved win in China, the Aussie was equal parts emotional and ecstatic. Of course, any driver is happy after a win, but nobody has a way with words in quite the same way Ricciardo does. Over the course of the post-race celebrations, he gave us some absolute gold.

After crossing the line, Ricciardo seemed as surprised as anyone that he’d actually managed to pull off the win. And when you’re surprised, what do you do? You swear. A lot.

“Yes boys! Holy s**t! Holy f**k!

Then, on the podium, Martin Brundle asked him why he was able to pull off such late, decisive overtakes. Danny-Ric came up with what is probably the quote of the year so far.

“Sometimes you’ve just gotta lick the stamp and send it.”

Then, he spent time after the race wandering around (with only one shoe) and giving interviews. This weekend he’s also been sporting a mysterious swollen lip, which he then alluded to.

“Even with a fat lip, I’m still pretty fast!”

In the press conference, he was then asked what his response would have been if he was told he’d win a race this year before either of the Mercedes drivers. After some careful thought came what you’d expect any driver to do: quote Ace Ventura.

“Holy testicle Tuesday!”

Then there was this message on a whiteboard in his celebratory Instagram post.


A post shared by Daniel Ricciardo (@danielricciardo) on Apr 15, 2018 at 3:50am PDT

Never change, Daniel. Never change.

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