Ride Onboard With Max Verstappen For A Lap Of Zandvoort – WTF1

Ride Onboard With Max Verstappen For A Lap Of Zandvoort

Zandvoort has hosted a few F1-themed event in recent years, which is handy, because it allows us to get a decent look at what the track is like in an F1 car (albeit one that’s a few years old).

It’s a truly mega circuit, with tons of corners which are going to look absolutely awesome in a modern F1 car at full chat. The first corner – Tarzanbocht – was famed for being a great overtaking spot back in the day as its slight banking allowed for a variety of different lines to be used, but nowadays? We’re not so sure if that’ll be the case.

As you can see, it’s also a circuit where there’s absolutely no room for error, with proper old-school kerbs leading straight to grass and gravel traps. Though it seems inevitable that some aspects of the track will be modernised, we hope some classic elements remain – tarmac may be the better option these days, but it’d spoil the character of the track somewhat.

At 2.676 miles long, it’s also fractionally shorter than the Red Bull Ring, which should mean some very short lap times – assuming the layout stays the same, anyway.

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