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Rio Haryanto Dominated F1’s Driver Of The Day Poll But Didn’t Win

Wait just a minute, so a guy who barely even made it into the live coverage and retired anonymously on lap 17 ends up completely dominating the driver of the day vote on Well don’t be too surprised, Indonesian Rio Haryanto is his country’s first ever Formula One driver and with a population of 250 million, that’s a lot of people who can vote for the guy.

According to figures posted online, Haryanto got over 22,000 votes for driver of the day while Romain Grosjean impressive debut for Haas got a measly 13,000 in comparison. But who won…

Translation of that bottom line: “We saw 22,000 votes were from Indonesia and were too embarrassed to post that Haryanto won so we gave it to Grosjean instead.”

But joking aside, not the greatest way for F1 to kick-off their new driver of the day poll. Perhaps they should have thought twice before allowing fans to vote multiple times.

Poor Formula One is quickly learning about the amusing but rather weird place that is the internet. When we’re presented with a vote, we’re gonna troll it, guys. I mean just look at what’s going on with ‘Boaty McBoatface‘ right now.

Anyway, here’s a full list of the votes…

f1 vote
(C) @TimCbe

852 votes for a guy who didn’t even race. Incredible.

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