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Former Red Bull F1 Driver Now Owns A Dildo Company

When racing drivers are done with Formula One they often have a crack at endurance racing before hanging up their racing gloves and becoming a commentator or pundit. Ex-Red Bull Racing driver Robert Doornbos though has gone down a very, very different route.

The Dutchman (who first raced in F1 for Minardi in 2005) replaced Christian Klien at Red Bull for the last three races of 2006, before he went on to have a successful season in Champ Car where he scored victories and podiums while still under the Red Bull radar.

Now though, Doornbos spends his career looking after rubber and dealing with vibrations. No he doesn’t work for Pirelli but instead his own sex toy company… now there’s some F1 news you didn’t expect to be reading.

According to this article on cnet, Kiiroo (Doornbos’ company which sadly isn’t called Robert’s Door-nobs) is revolutionising the sex industry with their internet connected sex toys. Seriously though, check out the article the intro is particularly weird.

So there you go. And don’t worry, I’m sure there’ll be some proper F1 news soon.


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