Robert Kubica Has Finished His First Test For Williams – WTF1

Robert Kubica Has Finished His First Test For Williams

Robert Kubica’s best chance of making a dramatic F1 comeback rest largely with Williams, as he’s been placed in something of a shootout for the team’s remaining 2018 seat against Paul di Resta and Felipe Massa.

He completed his first laps behind the wheel of an all-white 2014-spec car in a test at Silverstone. Williams isn’t giving anything away, though the team described the test as “successful”.

Although it was a private test, some sneaky fans managed to get a couple of brief videos of Robert in the car.

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Ujęcie przejazdu Roberta od Yan Zaczek! Dziękujemy!

Relacja z dzisiejszego testu:

Robert Kubica – #Kubica #F1

Posted by Robert Kubica – on Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Kubica is due to test the car again at the Hungaroring next week. Paul di Resta also will also getting some seat time as he looks to make a comeback, albeit one that’s rather less exciting than the prospect of Kubica returning.

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