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Room for one more?: F1’s greatest taxi rides

A classic image that we thought we’d never see in F1 again, giving a fellow driver a lift back to the pits. Like most great scenes it is shamefully banned by the FIA but today’s incident should hopefully result in no action.

It’s been a very long time since we saw it happen but below are some of the best examples of F1 piggy back rides.

Stefan Johansson, Rene Arnoux, Phillippe Alliot AND Nelson Piquet – Mexico 1986

Stefan Johansson and Rene Arnoux ride Phillippe Alliot’s Ligier back to the pits before it runs out of fuel. As Nelson Piquet comes around, all three drivers get aboard his Williams to head back to the pits!

Mansell and Senna – Silverstone 1991

Probably the most famous example of an F1 driver giving a colleague a lift. After Ayrton Senna broke down on the final lap, Nigel Mansell took his fierce title rival back to the pits.

Schumacher and Alesi – Montreal 1995

Jean Alesi got only (and very popular) Grand Prix victory in Montreal. When he broke down on the celebration lap, Michael Schumacher picked up the race victor.

Schumacher and Fisichella – Germany 1997

Giancarlo Fisichella picked up a puncture when challenging for a victory at Hockenheim in the Jordan. Again it was Michael Schumacher who kindly took him back to the pits.

Coulthard and Hakkinen – Spain 2001

Mika Hakkinen was all set for his first win of 2001 until his engine let go on the final lap of the race. David Coulthard took his team mate back to the pits.

Webber and Alonso – Germany 2011

A classic scene re-lived. Fernando Alonso was told to stop the car and Red Bull’s Mark Webber picked up his pal and took him to the podium.

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