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Nico Rosberg Blames Wind For Austin Mistake

Think you’ve heard every racing driver excuse there is? Think again. Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg is now blaming wind for his mistake that cost him race victory last time out in Austin.

No, it’s wasn’t some dodgy mac ‘n’ cheese he had before race but more of a gust of wind, which apparently blew Rosberg off the race track, gifting Lewis Hamilton the race win which was enough for him to clinch the world title.

“It was a gust of wind,” Rosberg said. “A big one. I’m serious, actually.

“But everybody has it so you can’t really use it as an excuse. It is still a mistake but I understand my mistake now and that’s important.

“For me to understand it, that it was a very unusual scenario which happened just once in all those laps and everything… that helps me a lot moving forward. I lost a lot of rear downforce as a result.”

So there you go. It was the winds fault.

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