The season may have finished but Daniel Ricciardo has proved his banter game is still strong with some hilarious tweets.

Red Bull jokingly thought Rosberg was safe from the shoey as they congratulated him on winning the championship after the race in Abu Dhabi.

Ricciardo suggested otherwise. Did Rosberg do a secret shoey at some point between those two tweets that we don’t know about?!

A few days later and Rosberg shocked everyone by announcing his retirement from F1. Then Daniel tweeted this photo:

So there was a secret shoey! Many words come to mind when looking at this photo. ‘Sober’ isn’t one of them. What made you share this photo Daniel?

Ahhh yes, of course. You utter legend.

Ricciardo has already suggested a peasants championship but perhaps he should suggest a banter championship, because with stuff like this he’d probably win that one too.